my name
is Norm.

For twenty years I've been providing graphic design and prepress services to advertising and marketing agencies in Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma. Within that time period I've also been a primary designer, photographer, and layout person for Demco Printing in Boyden, Iowa.

My roots are embedded in Western Oklahoma. Growing up in a rural community provided plenty of time to contemplate design principals, asthetics, and practical applications to life in general. I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with an art major and an industrial arts minor from Southwestern Oklahoma State University at Weatherford.

It's been my ambition to provide my clients creative solutions to communicate their products and services. In addition, these solutions must satisfy the standards required by their printers and end users, solutions that are complete and thorough. I understand that my end product must work seamlessly within their workflow. With a clear understanding of computer generated graphics and data, achieving this goal continues to be a high priority with NormanDale Graphics.